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49 ngAir - What’s new in RxJS 5.0 with Ben Lesh

January 20, 2016


What's new in RxJS 5.0? with Ben Lesh -
RxJS is red hot right now in the JavaScript community and it is only going to get hotter once Angular 2 lands. Ben Lesh is a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix and is one of the core contributors to RxJS and has been focusing on the latest release (currently in beta) which is largely a rewrite. If you are unfamiliar with RxJS, join us to hear about the basics of Reactive Programming. If you have already started to us RxJS, join us to learn about all the cool changes coming with 5.0. This is one episode you are not going to want to miss!

Panelists: Aimee Knight, Olivier Combe and PatrictJS


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