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55 ngAir - Full-stack Reactive Programming Using Angular 2 Meteor

February 25, 2016


Full-stack Reactive Programming using Angular 2 + Meteor


Panelists: Dmitriy Shekhovtsov

Guest: Uri Goldshtein



     Who is Uri?

     What is Meteor?

     Meteor view layer

     Will Blaze eventually go away in favor of React andAngular?

     Is React or Angular getting more traction in the Meteorcommunity?

     What about Angular makes it a good fit as a view layerfor Meteor?

     Server rendering

     How does server rendering work with Angular 1 Meteor?

     Have you looked into integrating Angular Universal?

     What is the Future of Meteor?

     How does Angular Meteor compare to:



Wrap Up

     Upcoming shows:

     March 1st - NativeScript

     March 8th - Ionic 2

     March 15th - React Native

Tips & Picks



     Jeff Whelpley

     new sponsors: Auth0 and Thoughtram



     Guthrie Govan


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