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56 ngAir - Is NativeScript The Holy Grail For Mobile Development?

March 2, 2016

Is NativeScript the holy grail for mobile development?

Sponsors: Auth0, Thoughtram

Panel: Olivier Combe, Nathan Walker, Ari Lerner

Guest: TJ VanToll, Jen Looper



What is NativeScript?

What problem is it trying to solve?           

What makes NativeScript unique?

Accessing all APIs through JavaScript

How does NativeScript integrate with Angular 2?

Discuss setting up a cookbook for {N} + ng2 similar to whatangular team recently published:

Any story of sharing code between the web and mobile?

NativeScript for the Web 


NativeScript vs Ionic?

Can you turn an Ionic app into a NativeScript app?

NativeScript vs React Native

How does it differ from something like 

What does the future hold? (Angular 🤘)

How does Telerik make money? (Telerik Platform,NativeScript UI) 

Tips& Picks


NG NL 2016 - A speaker’s point of view:

Angular 2 unit testing recipes - by Gerard Sans:


Nathan Walker

[Bleeding edge master branches from each {N} project](

[{N} plugins](


[nativescript-ezaudio - low-latency audio processing, trythe demo, good example of {N} performance](

[The War on Drugs iTunes](

[The War on Drugs Spotify](

[City and Colour on iTunes]: (

[City and Colour on Spotify](


Jeff Whelpley

[John Oliver on Donald Drumpf](

[Angular 1 to 2 cookbooks](


TJ VanToll

[The 5th Wave](

[FiveThirtyEight Elections Podcast](


Jen Looper

Plugins for all the things! mobile and NativeScript)

My game crush right now:

Shotbot for managing iOS screenshots: the same folks who did

Productivity tools: Wunderlist and notes

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