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58 ngAir - Using React Native With Angular 2

March 17, 2016

Using React Native with Angular 2

Panelists:Ari Lerner, Michael Cox

Guests:Mark Laval


Whoare you?

Whatmotivated you to create this project?

Howdoes it work?

Whereis the line between ReactNative and Angular 2?

Howmuch code can you re-use with other Angular 2 apps?

Areyou able to leverage all the ReactNative tooling?

Arethere any advantages to using this solution over:

ReactNativewith React

NativeScriptwith Angular 2



Whatdo you think about Angular 2?

Arethere any patterns in Angular 2 that are well suited to React Native (ex.Redux, reactive, etc.)

Hasanyone else started using your project yet?

Whatissues have you or do you see with your approach?

Whatadvice would you give someone who wants to get started working with RN andAngular 2?

Whatdoes the future hold?



Tips &Picks




ChangeDetection Explained


NodeDash Button

RealmFor React Native


POCof React Native with Angular 2

ReactNative Scheduling by Andy Street:

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