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59 ngAir - Angular 2 testing using Protractor 2C Karma and more with Julie Ralph

March 25, 2016


Angular 2 testing using Protractor, Karma and more withJulie Ralph


Panelists: PatrickJS, Ed Conolly

Guests: Julie Ralph



Testing landscape

Firstquestion...Jasmine or Mocha? j/k

Seriously, though, give us a layout of the testinglandscape. What are the major tools/libraries involved in testing an Angular 2web app?

When do you use Karma vs Protractor

How has the landscape evolved over theyears?

What is new with the latest Karma and Protractor?

New world of JavaScript

How doyou deal with the build process and testing?

Webpackor System offer advantages for testing?

Are thereare special features in Karma or Protractor for Angular 2?

Testing as a discipline

How doyou get developers to actually write tests?

Why don’tdevelopers write tests?

How doyou maintain discipline over time?

Generalguidelines for testing to follow?

Anythoughts or experiences with BDD / CucumberJS and protractor?

Testing strategy

When doyou use unit tests vs integration tests vs e2e (and server vs browser)

MockedAPIs vs Real APIs, should my protractor tests really be e2e?

Other frameworks

What doyou think of AVA?


What doesthe future hold for testing?

Tips & Picks



How toTest RxJS

Chaos Monkey



Jeff Whelpley

StraightOutta Compton

With latest TypeScript, you may not need Webpack

Ng2 testseed

Web Workers and Service Works by Gleb



Instanttest feedback in your IDE -

ConfigurableAPI responses -

AngularConnectScholarships / CFP



Angularmaterial is alpha:

Niftyproject website from Seattle Times:

Juliepromises to update ng2-test-seed today :)

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