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62 ngAir - Using Web Workers for High Performance Angular 2 Web App

April 13, 2016


Using Web Workers for High Performance Angular 2 Web Apps


Panelists: Olivier Combe, PatrickJS, Dmitry

Guest: Jason Teplitz



Who are you?

What are web workers?

What is the support level in different browsers?

Web worker polyfills?

What types of tasks in general are web workers good for?

How will web workers be integrated into Angular 2?

Do you think that we will get to a point where a majority of your app is run in web workers by default?

How can you make your code work when you use third party libraries not meant for that?

How web workers handle internal file imports, and loading additional files possible with system.js? (currently it is loading additional files several times, and this slowdowns application start time, sample: check network tab here: )

Will it improve or should we bundle web workers code?

What are the downsides of using web workers?

Web workers are bringing real multithread concurrency with performance gains and know for C++Java mental overheads? What JS devs should knew about it (patterns, access to shared resources)

Message queue like patterns or approaches?

     What is web workers restrictions? (working with DOM, etc.)

Cool implementations of using web workers...

What is the best way to use web workers with Angular 1?

How does this work on the server side with node.js?

How was your experience as a junior working with the Angular Team?

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