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63 ngAir- How Service Workers Will Change The Way You Think About Web Apps

April 21, 2016

                         How Service Workers will change the way you think about web apps

Panelists: Ari Lerner, Olivier Combe, Gleb Bahmatov

Guests: Minko Gechev

Show notes:

What Gleb and Minko have been up to lately

What is Service Worker?

Any relation to Web Worker?Are there other types of workers? 

Do they all rest on Sundays?

Differences with appCache

What is the current browsers support?

Can you use polyfills?

How can they be used?

You can find how existing websites use them right now by opening

chrome://serviceworker-internals/and clicking on script urls

             Smartcache and offline support

Image or video transcodingon the fly

Background data sync andpush messages

Instant application restartfrom last known HTML (bottle-service)

Transpiling code(babel-service)

Even running server-sideJavaScript server in the browser (express-service)

What are Progressive Web Apps?


What will mobile look like in 5 years when serviceworkers are fully supported?

When should we use service workers? When shouldn’t we use service workers?

Tips &Picks

 Minko Gechev

Gleb Bahmutov

The status of ServiceWorkers api implementation indifferent browsers:

Mozilla’s book of service workers demos and features

WebWorkers + ServiceWorkers presentation video

Olivier Combe

Mix It:

Ng conf planning looks awesome o/


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