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64 ngAir - Conference Prep Show

April 27, 2016


ng-conf prep show

Panelists: Olivier Combe, PatrickJS, Carmen Popoviciu

Guests: Aaron Froste, Joe Eames

Show notes

How crazy is this final week before the big event?

What are the things you are most worried about making sure is ready?

Which are the main ideas that were the drive behind this year’s edition? What is your goal?

How is this year going to be different/same?

Talk about how Fair Day is going to work

Is this going to be all about Angular 2 and nothing about Angular 1?

What were the reasons behind making the conf bigger this year?

What will be the penalty for going over your 20 minutes?

Can you talk a little about the preparation that you give to the speakers?

Favorite memories


Katya’s talk

What awesome gifts can we win?





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