Angular Air

66 ngAir - Conference Recap Show

May 11, 2016


ng-conf recap show

Panelists: Olivier Combe, Pete Bacon Darwin, Dmitry


What was your favorite part?

Group meetings: AMAs,Experts Room, Educators Conclave, ng Include

Tour Of Heroes with Papa Misko, Igor, Minko, John Papa

Science Fair - Uri's purple eye robot, Alex's brain scanner

ng-show by Shai

Combat bots, interacting with people


What is your biggest takeaway?

Offline compiler

Angular cares about diversity

Igor won't hit his boss

ng-conf organizers really do it for the love of it



Wind chimes

Reactive programming related talks

Kara's speed coding!

Keynotes was awesome (TheRoad Ahead)

Router presentation byPapa Misko

Shai presentation

Angular2 Style Guide (byMinko)

Mike Brocchi Lear CLI NGOn

Matias Niemala Animations


What were the goodies?

Angular tattoos (on yourface!)





What could be improved?


Session guide for fair day - it was difficult to work out what was where and when

App: swag calls

App: session start-end time confusion


Tips & Picks


Jeff Whelpley

Jeff Cross’s talk on PWAs-

Universal Integrations

Java backend -

PHP backend -

Go backend -


Pete Bacon Darwin

Carry proof of age in SLC(even if you are over 30!)

Cylon.js - command drones from your laptop -


Angular Universal -

Ng-conf videos -


NativeScript -



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