Angular Air

68 ngAir - OSS Round II

May 25, 2016

Show Notes


Balancing OSS needs vs full time job

Getting others involved vs getting stuff done

Turning off GitHub issues (PRs only)

Answering on same issues over and over again, how do you handle it?


“What do I get out of it?”

Protocols for contributing

Code of conduct?


Contributing on a third party project your company’s project use

Why do we want to give away our intellectual property?

How does it benefit us to have waste our developers’ valuable time?

OK, we are in. How do we do it?

Ideal setup within a company


Tips & Picks


Chris Thielen

Vanilla JS

Easy F2L for Beginners

UI Router

UI Router Extras



Healthy Open Source

Angular 2 OSS

Ng2 bootstrap

Jesus Rodriguez

The Change Log


Wesley Cho

My Time With Rails Is Up


Jeff Whelpley

Things that Excite Me about Angular 2

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