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52 ngAir - The Internet of Things (and Angular)

February 12, 2016


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First 5-10 mins


Guests: Zach Dunn, Atticus White

Panelists: PatrickJS, Gleb Bahmutov, Ari Lerner


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Thursday November 11th - Angular 2 Reactive Redux with Victor Savkin, Dan Abramov and Rob Wormald



What is IoT?

Atticus: The “Things” in Internet of Things

Smart devices (“dumb” hardware embedded with “smart” electronics, ie: Hue Lights)

Information providing devices (sensors, ie: motion sensor)

Service that ties it all together 

Atticus: How IoT fits into the JS ecosystem.

A comparison of the event driven characteristics found in both Javascript and the IoT environment. IoT support in the open source community. 

Zach: How we think about IoT application development: Personify rooms and devices, enable them to answer questions. Environment data (i.e. sensors, occupants) result in frequent I/O for apps. Lot of states to track. 

Atticus: Some IoT labs worked on

Grocery list automation: Barcode scanner + rPi + Node

Motion sensor night light: Motion sensor + Arduino + rPi + Node + Hue lights 

How do you decide on what to build next?

How do you guys use Angular? 

Zach: Highly task/location-centric apps running on dedicated devices. Interesting side effect is more freedom to use new DOM safely.

IoT and security

IoT allows access to sometimes devices inside our homes and businesses. Adding more libraries and frameworks on top adds to the security headache. What precautions do we as developers should take? Good practices? How to test it?

Where do you see IoT going in the future? What’s next?

Final 10 Minutes


Tips & Picks 


          Picks: Go to Death Valley. It’s beautiful

Tips: is cool

Patrick Stapleton

Picks: [Reactive Redux AngularAir]


Jeff Whelpley

         Picks: redux-ngrx/

Atticus White


Tips: Picks:[Johnny Five - JS Robotics & IoT programming framework] (

[SkyJack - Drone autonomously seeks out other drones, taking them over, creating an army of zombie drones under your control]


Zach Dunn

Links: Search engine for sensors, based on geolocation: [Thingful]


Simple messaging for devices (think Twitter, but for sensor data) [](


Picks: Hardware development board, powered by NPM

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