51 ngAir - Getting Past the Angular Learning Curve with Pascal Precht

February 11, 2016

51 ngAir - Getting Past the Angular Learning Curve with Pascal Precht


What’s the story behind Thoughtram?
What’s in a name?

Overall Philosophy

Why did you decide to teach?

What is your approach to teaching?

How do people learn?

How many workshops do you give per month?

Does it get tedious to teach the same thing to people over & over?

Angular 1

Are you still doing Angular 1 training?

What was hardest thing for people to grok with Angular 1?

Angular 2

Do you see mostly people coming from Angular 1 or people totally new to Angular?
What is the hardest thing for people to grok with Angular 2?
 How do you teach *ngFor in a way that makes sense for developers?
Harder/easier to teach/learn than Angular 1?

How do you manage staying involved in so many different projects?
How is it to be a digital nomad?
How long did it take until you could leave your daily jobs & work on Thoughtram full time?
What do you think about Merrick Christiansen’s comments about not needing DI anymore since he has gone full functional programming?


Tips & Picks


Olivier Combe


Links: Read the source on Angular 2 Web Workers:



Picks: NG-Conf CFP, Angular Connect 2016


Jeff Whelpley


Picks: [Univesal Prerender](https://github.com/angular/universal-starter/tree/prerender)

[20 Minute VC with Jeff Seibert]




Picks: [Belgium Angular  Conference]


[Thoughtram Master Class](http://thoughtram.io/angular-master-class.html)         


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