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53 ngAir - Angular 2 Reactive Redux with Victor Savkin and Dan Abramov

February 12, 2016

53 ngAir - Angular 2 Reactive Redux with Victor Savkin and Dan Abramov


 What is state?

Is there a difference between UI state and persisted state?


What problems do people run into with state?

Why is it hard to manage state?

How to keep the state on the client in sync with the state on the server?


What are the popular patterns for managing state?

What is used in Angular 1?

Difference between the core ideas and implementations

What does unidirectional mean?


What is Redux?

Benefits of redux and similar patterns

Is redux for sync state updates only and is making an HTTP request considered a non-pure inside   a reducer function?

What is ngrx?

How is the reactive version of redux different than traditional Redux?

 What are your feelings on setting change detection strategy to OnPush?

How would one go about debugging the state changes in Angular2?


Other general questions

Thoughts on cycle.js?

There is a pattern in Redux if you have the same object in multiple places, you use _id in everything but one.  How would this work with ngrx or another reactive approach? (custom pipe and helpers?)

Rob/Victor: I was starting to think about an Angular 2 decorator that does something similar to the React Redux connect() function but then Rob said it was a bad idea because it will mess with precompilation. What is the deal?


Predictions for the future

What approach will Angular 2 developers adopt?

Will a reactive version of redux gain any traction in the React world?


Tips & Picks


Jeff Whelpley



 Picks: Our new sponsor, [Auth0](


Victor Savkin

 Links: [Managing State in Angular 2 Apps.]

(     angular-2-applications)


Tips: AceJump a great plugin for WebStorm.


Picks: Kurt Vonnegut "Mother Night", Brad Mehldau "10 Years Solo Live",

Woody Allen "Manhattan Murder Mystery"


Gleb Bahmutov

Links: [Rob Warmald’s talks]

( - Angular 2 data flow with nice examples


Tips: Everything in your application could be a source of events: button clicks, mouse movements, messages from the server, timer, etc.


Dan Abramov

 Tips: No boilerplates


Picks: [Redux Saga](



Patrick Stapleton

Picks: [What’s new in Webpack 2] (


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