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ngAir 73 - Discussion Topics Show

July 22, 2016

ngAir 73 - discussion show


Panelist updates


Back from Vegas where I tied the knot with a MacBook Pro

Auth and single sign on with ng2 and Auth0

Ng2 forms api changes for RC4 and beyond


Raising money

Fast initial load


Admin dashboard


Angular News

Angular Team Notes


New new new Angular 2 Router


From Team Notes: Now v1 feature complete.  Lazy loading, guards, etc. works. 


Release will come after RC5.  More docs in the works to help with adoption.

Migrating to new forms API


From Team Notes: updateValue going into RC5, reset going in later, more features coming.  As of RC5, no forms are included by default.  Developers will specify the ones they want at bootstrap.  Good time to move to the new forms!



From Team Notes: Adding WebPack under the hood, support Offline Compiler, blueprints with app module support and new bootstrapping code, and upgrade story to get folks from ng2 vN to ng2 vN+1.


Mention React CLI...movement toward more opinions...


Angular 2 release date? 27% complete?


Coming up next in the world of Angular:

AngularConnect about to release the schedule: 5 tracks!

AngularUp Israel Angular conf Nov 17


Coming up next on AngularAir

July 26 - CLI with Mike Brocchi

August 2 - Webpack 2 with Sean Larkin

August 9 - Universal Tips and Tricks


Tips & Picks



Star Wars Rebels


Mr. Robot



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