Angular Air

ngAir 75 - Webpack 2 with Sean Larkin

September 6, 2016

ngAir 75 - Webpack 2 with Sean Larkin


Show Notes

Intro to Sean

General Webpack questions

What does Webpack do?

New features in Webpack 2

Evolution of build tooling (i.e. Grunt -> Gulp -> { new stuff } ) and comparisons to other things like rollup or jspm

Tutorial 1 - Anatomy of webpack output bundle

Tutorial 2 - Plugins

Tutorial 3 - Making Angular Awesome

Wrap up

Tips & Picks


Justin Schwartzenberger

AngularZone webinar on new forms stuff


Jeff Whelpley

Principles of Quantum Team Management

This article is by James Everingham, Head of Engineering at Instagram.

Quantum mechanics make the unpredictable understandable

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