ngAir 77 - Todd Motto- The Man The Myth The Legend

September 12, 2016

ngAir 77 - Todd Motto- The Man The Myth The Legend

Show Notes


Sponsor pitch for Angular training

Mention the live show questions on twitter with #ngair


What’re you working on etc


1.5 component courses

Why components for Angular 1.x?

Path to Angular 2

Lifecycle hooks

Uni dataflow

Coding demo (if needed/time providing)

Angular modules

Angular 1.x modules

Angular @NgModule

What does a developer advocate do? (Olivier)


Tips & Picks


Justin Schwartzenberger

Rob Wormald helping to explain NgModule for larger applications

Ward Bell explaining providers staying on component metadata

Rob assuring us of Angular 2 API complete status

Austin McDaniel

Angular2 HMR w/ Webpack Plugin ( works w/ RC5 )

Angular Material 1.1 Release & Angular2 Version has 18 components now

Olivier Combe

Ng2-translate recommended by Ionic 2

Todd Motto 

@ChrisThielen for his ui-router work



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