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ngAir 79 - ng1 to ng2 Migration with Joe Eames

September 12, 2016

 ngAir 79 - ng1 to ng2 Migration with Joe Eames

#Show Notes


Joe’s background with migrations

Pluralsight course

Refactoring your ng1 app before migrating to ng2

Component based architecture

What are the different approaches? 3 options:

Big bang - should only do if takes a couple weeks, less than 10k lines of code

Leave it alone - Maintain it in Angular 1

Slowly convert - Angular 1 app that calls Angular 2 for some pieces

Can convert any Angular 2 component into Angular 1 directive

When slowly converting, important to mitigate risk by doing smaller changesets


Angular 2 an order of magnitude faster

Angular 1 is the slow piece

Overhead with cooridination, but not that much

What to do if no tests in current ng1 app?

Do you need to have two http services running?

What do you think of Angular’s approach to migration compared to Ember’s?


Wrap Up

Answer Q&A from Twitter

Upcoming shows:


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