Angular Air

ngAir 84 - Creating Angular 2 UI Libraries with Kyle Ledbetter

October 28, 2016

Creating Angular 2 UI Libraries

      Intros to everyone and their interest in creating UI Libraries

      CSS and handling styles in UI libraries

      How do you embed css in ui components for distribution?

      How can you distribute sass/less files as well?

      How do you manage parent/children component communication? For example with a tabs component

      What are the important points to check when you want to make your component compatible with AoT?

      How do you build the project where you dev the components (use cli, roll your own server/build/etc)?

      How do you make ui components that work on all environments (browser, web workers, electron, server side, nativescript…)

      Managing documentation for how users consume/implement your components

      What is your strategy for testing your components?

      What is on your wish list that would make everyone’s lives easier?


Tips & Picks


      Example of component lib:

Civilization 6
Red Dead Redemption 2
Nintendo Switch



      Life Lessons Learned on AngularAir


      Change detection:

      AoT compilation for webpack:

      Kyle would be my plug

      Guardians 2!


      Nice educational project (non-profit) written with Angular2

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