50 ngAir - TypeScript Deep Dive with Alex Eagle and Blake Embrey

February 5, 2016


TypeScript Deep Dive with Alex Eagle and Blake Embrey

Sure, you can write Angular 2 in ES6 with Babel or even ES5, but most developers that try out TypeScript with Angular 2 never look back. Alex Eagle is on the Angular core team at Google and has been doing a lot of work to make sure Angular 2 works well with TypeScript. Blake Embrey is the creator of ts-node and a huge TypeScript enthusiast. Even if you have concerns about typing in JavaScript, listen to this episode to get the low down on why TypeScript rocks and how it is going to help you to build awesome apps in Angular 2. 



                Alex Eagle









                Olivier Combe


Managing state in Angular 2 applications by Victor Savking: http://victorsavkin.com/post/137821436516/managing-state-in-angular-2-applications


PhantomJS 2.1 has been released (1 year after 2.0), it’s time to upgrade

                Jeff Whelpley


Try TypeScript


                                                    Angular Air episode 50!

                                                    [Learn Angular Universal on Read the Source]


[Nathan Walker and Angular CLI changes for 3rd party libs]


[Front end dev resources]


Patrick Stapleton


Provide feedback on problems you ran into for open-source projects.


[Typings with Blake Embrey]


[Learn TypeScript free workshop by Blake Embrey]


                Ari Lerner



[The Barisieur]




[Withings Aura]


[Modern Romance]


Blake Embrey


If you have issues, create issues, but remember to keep things actionable

Learn TypeScript (or another typed language) and think about where else you could be applying type system semantics


Reading everyday, before bed

Currently reading: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6065215-the-strain 

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