ngAir 82 - Angular Connect and the Future Beyond Final with Shai Reznik

October 9, 2016

Angular Connect and the Future Beyond Final 

with Shai Reznik 


Shai’s talk


Favorite talks from panelists


Jeff Cross

Ben Lesh

Keynote w/ Igor & Rob

Angular migrations with Todd Motto

5 tracks

Closed captioning


Stories behind the scenes with Shai

Reactions from the attendees

What are people excited about?

Exposing observables

What are people concerned about?

Getting code to production


What comes next?



Production releases

React vs Angular articles ad nauseam


Tips & Picks


JavaScript library for generating random data. Good for tests, mock apis, etc.


3d printing

Jeff Cross,  Workshop - Uri & gil

Serious dev talk -



Ultimate Angular - by Lukas Ruebbelke & Todd Motto


Angular Nation


ngAir 80 - Calm before the storm

September 23, 2016

ngAir 80 - Calm before the storm


#Show Notes


Angular 2 release


NativeScript conference


Tips & Picks


Angular Native poll

PWA links


Angular Zone Webinar: using new ngModule in Angular 2 w/ Pascal Precht

Ng2d3 - D3 + Angular2 Composable Re-usable Charting Framework


AngularConnect: live streams, schedule on the website




ngAir Special

September 16, 2016

ngAir Special

Host: Jeff Whelpley

Guests: Misko Hevery, Rob Wormald, Jules Kremer

Panelists: Patrick Stapleton, Justin Schwartzenberger, Olivier Combe, Austin McDaniel, Scott Moss

  • How long has it been?
  • What is the release name?
  • Do you think that Angular 2 is the best solution for enterprise apps right now?
  • What about small apps?
  • How long has it been since you’ve started working on Angular 2?
  • What happens now?
  • What are you the most proud of in Angular 2?
  • Is there something that you would change now if you had the time to do it over ?
  • Will CLI be releasing final at the same time?
  • What is your view on convention over configuration?
  • Will the docs end up containing any recommended implementation patterns like NgModule strategies, redux, etc or is that an area best left to the community?
  • If my setup is ready, is there an interest in using the CLI?
  • What is the size of the team working on Angular 2? Compared to Angular 1?
  • Will you guys start using semver?

ngAir 79 - ng1 to ng2 Migration with Joe Eames

September 12, 2016

 ngAir 79 - ng1 to ng2 Migration with Joe Eames

#Show Notes


Joe’s background with migrations

Pluralsight course

Refactoring your ng1 app before migrating to ng2

Component based architecture

What are the different approaches? 3 options:

Big bang - should only do if takes a couple weeks, less than 10k lines of code

Leave it alone - Maintain it in Angular 1

Slowly convert - Angular 1 app that calls Angular 2 for some pieces

Can convert any Angular 2 component into Angular 1 directive

When slowly converting, important to mitigate risk by doing smaller changesets


Angular 2 an order of magnitude faster

Angular 1 is the slow piece

Overhead with cooridination, but not that much

What to do if no tests in current ng1 app?

Do you need to have two http services running?

What do you think of Angular’s approach to migration compared to Ember’s?


Wrap Up

Answer Q&A from Twitter

Upcoming shows:


Tips & Picks


Joe Eames

Angular 2 Migration on Pluralsight

Stranger Things

Jeff Whelpley

PureScript Generics

Austin McDaniel


Justin Schwartzenberger

Introducing Angular Modules - Root Module by John Papa 



ngAir 78 GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein

September 12, 2016


ngAir 78 GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein


Show Notes




What is it?

What does it solve?


How does this help us do GraphQL?

Demo 1

Using GraphiQL to write queries and explore data models

Demo 2

Comparison in client of calling multiple REST endpoints, calling a monolithic REST endpoint, and doing the same work with GraphQL using the Apollo service code.



Links to all the examples -

Docs -

Slack Channel -

Barcelona talk -

And Apollo Youtube channel for the Meetup lectures (last one was on GraphQL in production) -

workshop by Kamil!!  -

Tips & Picks


Mike Brocchi

 ngrx -


Tether - awesome positioning library (


Uri Goldstein

GraphQL resources

Goal Zero

Burning Man

Justin Schwartzenberger

Ben Nadel (@BenNadel) 

Jim Cummins







ngAir 77 - Todd Motto- The Man The Myth The Legend

September 12, 2016

ngAir 77 - Todd Motto- The Man The Myth The Legend

Show Notes


Sponsor pitch for Angular training

Mention the live show questions on twitter with #ngair


What’re you working on etc


1.5 component courses

Why components for Angular 1.x?

Path to Angular 2

Lifecycle hooks

Uni dataflow

Coding demo (if needed/time providing)

Angular modules

Angular 1.x modules

Angular @NgModule

What does a developer advocate do? (Olivier)


Tips & Picks


Justin Schwartzenberger

Rob Wormald helping to explain NgModule for larger applications

Ward Bell explaining providers staying on component metadata

Rob assuring us of Angular 2 API complete status

Austin McDaniel

Angular2 HMR w/ Webpack Plugin ( works w/ RC5 )

Angular Material 1.1 Release & Angular2 Version has 18 components now

Olivier Combe

Ng2-translate recommended by Ionic 2

Todd Motto 

@ChrisThielen for his ui-router work



ngAir 76 - Angular Data Table with Austin McDaniel

September 6, 2016

ngAir 76 - Angular Data Table with Austin McDaniel

Show Notes


Background of Angular Data Table

Use cases for large data tables

Origins of Angular 1 solution

Demos 1000s rows

Nasty hacks in ng1

How looks in ng2

Tips & Picks


Jeff Whelpley






ngAir 75 - Webpack 2 with Sean Larkin

September 6, 2016

ngAir 75 - Webpack 2 with Sean Larkin


Show Notes

Intro to Sean

General Webpack questions

What does Webpack do?

New features in Webpack 2

Evolution of build tooling (i.e. Grunt -> Gulp -> { new stuff } ) and comparisons to other things like rollup or jspm

Tutorial 1 - Anatomy of webpack output bundle

Tutorial 2 - Plugins

Tutorial 3 - Making Angular Awesome

Wrap up

Tips & Picks


Justin Schwartzenberger

AngularZone webinar on new forms stuff


Jeff Whelpley

Principles of Quantum Team Management

This article is by James Everingham, Head of Engineering at Instagram.

Quantum mechanics make the unpredictable understandable


ngAir 74 - CLI Tutorial with Mike Brocchi

August 1, 2016

Episode Outline & Topics


Panelists: Justin Schwartz-and-bacon-berger

Guest: Mike Brocchi @brocco


Tutorial 1 - scaffolding

       Style guide


Tutorial 2 - sass

Tutorial 3 - 3rd party lib


Tips & Picks



 Prisma -



Learning - never stop learning, the only thing constant in software dev is change


watch videos


attend meetups/conferences

Angular 2 Animations -

Twitter for Android Night Mode -


Jeff Whelpley

Gary Johnson with Samantha Bee




ngAir 73 - Discussion Topics Show

July 22, 2016

ngAir 73 - discussion show


Panelist updates


Back from Vegas where I tied the knot with a MacBook Pro

Auth and single sign on with ng2 and Auth0

Ng2 forms api changes for RC4 and beyond


Raising money

Fast initial load


Admin dashboard


Angular News

Angular Team Notes


New new new Angular 2 Router


From Team Notes: Now v1 feature complete.  Lazy loading, guards, etc. works. 


Release will come after RC5.  More docs in the works to help with adoption.

Migrating to new forms API


From Team Notes: updateValue going into RC5, reset going in later, more features coming.  As of RC5, no forms are included by default.  Developers will specify the ones they want at bootstrap.  Good time to move to the new forms!



From Team Notes: Adding WebPack under the hood, support Offline Compiler, blueprints with app module support and new bootstrapping code, and upgrade story to get folks from ng2 vN to ng2 vN+1.


Mention React CLI...movement toward more opinions...


Angular 2 release date? 27% complete?


Coming up next in the world of Angular:

AngularConnect about to release the schedule: 5 tracks!

AngularUp Israel Angular conf Nov 17


Coming up next on AngularAir

July 26 - CLI with Mike Brocchi

August 2 - Webpack 2 with Sean Larkin

August 9 - Universal Tips and Tricks


Tips & Picks



Star Wars Rebels


Mr. Robot