ngAir 91 - Angular and D3 for Data Viz with Marjan Georgiev, Olivier Combe and Austin McDaniel

December 7, 2016

Marjan Georgiev, Olivier Combe and Austin McDaniel take us on a tour of their ng2d3 library for doing data vizualization in Angular.


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ngAir 90 - ngrx with Mike Ryan

December 7, 2016

Mike Ryan joins us on this episode to demo ngrx, an RxJS powered state management for Angular applications, inspired by Redux.

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ngAir 89 - The TIL Episode

December 7, 2016

We demo tips, tricks and did you knows on stuff you can do in Angular.

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ngAir 88 - AngularUP Conference with Adam Klein and Boris Dinkevich

December 7, 2016

Adam Klein and Boris Dinkevich join us to talk about the AngularUP Conference in 2016, what's involved in putting on a conference, and fill us in on the huge Angular community in Israel. 


ngAir 87 - Wazzup

December 7, 2016

Discussion episode centered around the latest happenings in Angular and some new faces/voices on AngularAir.


ngAir 86 - Angular Material with Kara Erickson and Jeremy Elbourn

December 7, 2016

The one and only Kara Erickson and one and only Jeremy Elbourn join us to talk about Angular Material.


ngAir 85- Angular 2 in the Enterprise

October 28, 2016

Angular 2 in the Enterprise


      Justin Schwartzenberger

      Mike Brocchi


      Austin McDaniel aka ngPanda

      Olivier Combe

      Featured Guests  

      Nhut Tran

      Gary Trinklein

#Show Notes

      Intros & backgrounds

      How was Angular originally introduced into your environment?

      Why did your enterprise chose Angular?

      Did you start using it when it was in alpha/beta/rc ?

      Is your app released yet ?

      Did you release with an alpha/beta/rc ?

      What were the challenges in adopting Angular?



      Process? (red-tape)


      If you have any existing Angular 1.x apps, what are your plans to migrate to Angular 2?

      Did you consider other technologies?

      Even after adopting angular were you tempted to switch? If so, what tech stack?

      What does the future hold?


Tips & Picks


      Lukas’ Observable Cheat Sheet:

      GraphQL Summit:
Hopefully the sessions will be recorded and available later

      Jeff - Audits


      I did a talk on Angular2 + ThreeJS + WebVR = very interesting stuff should check it out

      CSS related but by ng2 community member -> -> flexbox grid system

      Async await debugging in chrome landed - - soooo nice!

      AoT in ngUpgrade is coming!!!!


      ng europe going on today & tomorrow (

      DevFest FL -

      ng cruise in May 2017 (

      GitKraken - cross platform git tool (


      Use ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush it’s good for you



ngAir 84 - Creating Angular 2 UI Libraries with Kyle Ledbetter

October 28, 2016

Creating Angular 2 UI Libraries

      Intros to everyone and their interest in creating UI Libraries

      CSS and handling styles in UI libraries

      How do you embed css in ui components for distribution?

      How can you distribute sass/less files as well?

      How do you manage parent/children component communication? For example with a tabs component

      What are the important points to check when you want to make your component compatible with AoT?

      How do you build the project where you dev the components (use cli, roll your own server/build/etc)?

      How do you make ui components that work on all environments (browser, web workers, electron, server side, nativescript…)

      Managing documentation for how users consume/implement your components

      What is your strategy for testing your components?

      What is on your wish list that would make everyone’s lives easier?


Tips & Picks


      Example of component lib:

Civilization 6
Red Dead Redemption 2
Nintendo Switch



      Life Lessons Learned on AngularAir


      Change detection:

      AoT compilation for webpack:

      Kyle would be my plug

      Guardians 2!


      Nice educational project (non-profit) written with Angular2